Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge No.287 

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A Past Master is a member that has acted in the office of as Master of the Lodge.  Generally the term for a Master is 12 Months.  A Master chairs the monthly meeting and oversees the activities of the Lodge.

2000-2001                  VW Bro M Pitcher PDGDC                            2019-2020                  Wor Bro Carpo Tirol PGStwd

2001-2002                  Wor Bro J Pile

2002-2003                  Wor Bro G Svoboda

2003-2004                  Wor Bro B Spillman PGStdB

2004-2005                  Wor Bro T West PDGDC

2005-2006                  Wor Bro T West

2006-2007                  Wor Bro B Henderson

2007-2008                  Wor Bro R Burnage

2008-2009                  Wor Bro M Cope

2009-2010                  Wor Bro M Murrell

2010-2011                  Wor Bro G Collins PGStwd

2011-2012                  Wor Bro R Darby

2012-2013                  Wor Bro P Smallhorne

2013-2014                  Wor Bro P Smallhorne

2014-2015                  Wor Bro L Kibblewhite

2015-2016                  Wor Bro M Cope

2016-2017                  Wor Bro G Collins PGStwd

2017-2018                  Wor Bro Chris Brown

2018-2019                  Wor Bro Ron Hasling